Consider a Retreat for Detoxification, Rejuvenation and Ayurvedic Healing

Take the time for a much-needed break from the fast-paced life and register for detoxification, rejuvenation and Ayurvedic healing. The setting is in the Nilgiri Mountain range, which rises above the southern plains of India. There is no doubt, this retreat is something that will never be forgotten. Here is additional information and what one can expect.

A Typical Day

The program at Mountain Top Clinic is created specifically for each individual guest. There will be a combination of treatments along with a healthy nutritional Ayurvedic diet, yoga, and meditation. There are all types of activities available during the day that allow a person to rejuvenate. There are cooking classes, music therapy, nature walks, cultural activities and vedanta classes. There are times set aside each day for consults with the doctor. Start the day with yoga and morning chants and then head to breakfast before diving into the remainder of the activities.

Guest Programs & Accommodations

Each guest is different and comes with their own physical and emotional needs. The programs range from 1 to 8 weeks. Each program will include a variety of treatments, therapies, and activities to help to naturally connect with a balanced self. It is recommended to go with a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks in order to get the maximum benefit.

The rooms here are welcoming and very comfortable. They are decorated with natural colors that are tied in with the environment. They allow the guest to connect with those people surrounding the mountaintop. The packages include full board and the rooms all have an en-suite bathroom. Guests can request wi-fi and laundry services if needed. There are suites located on the upper level with three rooms and windows that overlook the panoramic views of the mountaintop. There is a shared balcony perfect for enjoying the sunset. There are tribal huts available with a minimum of 7 days. They are in a beautiful setting with private terrace space. There are also double rooms which have been added more recently. The views are breathtaking through the windows of the rooms.

Ayurveda Courses

The Ayurveda clinic courses have been created for the guest that is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the ancient Indian approaches to health. There are a variety of practitioners that attend to expand their qualifications. These include massage therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists and even doctors of Western Medicine. However, the courses are open to anyone that has the desire to detoxify, rejuvenate and walk away with a more balanced life. There are three levels of certification available.

The Mountain Top Clinic welcomes independent travelers, couples as well as groups that are interested in a path to well-being. Those that want to read more about the programs or have questions about their trip can visit Let the healing begin and make a reservation today.


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